Hey, I'm Huda! 

From the start I knew the traditional job route was never an option for me and the people I admired and looked up to the most were the ones around me who ventured out on their own. 


I've spent more money on travelling in the last decade and living in countries all over the world, all in search of something. The truth is, if I really sat and thought about it, it was always going to be photography. 

I've had countless business ideas throughout the years but none stuck and so when travelling Australia I settled for working at a sales and marketing company that convinced me that if I worked hard enough I could grow my sales team large enough to one day run my own sales office. I did this for four years and hated it. This is how badly I wanted something to call my own. 

It was when I bought my Fuji XT2 for a trip to Bali that I was reminded of how much I love the art of creating a beautiful image. And later, started taking photos around the office to use on the company website and social media pages. Thats when I noticed the direct impact photography has on growing your business. 

I quit my job 6 months later and I launched my Brand Photography business in January 2019. Since then I've worked with business coaches, marketing agencies, designers, bloggers, fitness professionals, yoga instructors, hair stylists and so many more brands to capture images that sell their products and services for them and now I'm launching courses, videos and tools to expand my reach and help and educate more people!


Through photography we can create content that captivates people with compelling imagery that tells a unique story. Contrary to most peoples views Brand Photography is NOT about pretending to be someone you're not, or being polished & "perfect". It is about capturing the unique aspects of you and your brand that make you, well... you! Because the one thing others can't replicate, is YOU! And because, of course, your idea deserves an image. 

People building businesses, people that throw caution to the wind and chase their dreams - you are the ones that inspire me and you are the ones I want to work with!

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