Free map out your on-brand photoshoot challenge.

Create and plan your epic photoshoot in 3 days!

DAY 1: Turning your story into a visual identity.

DAY 2: Journey mapping to ensure every image serves a purpose. 

DAY 3: Creative direction that attracts and creates obsession. 

Join me | Aug 24th-aug 28th

Your brand photographer & in your digital back pocket photoshoot creative director.

I've found that on-brand photography (that strategically reflects your brand values) helps you scale your business by establishing your professionalism, the ability to charge premium prices & compete on quality not price.

This is that - waking up on Monday morning to an email from your ideal client that they want to work with you - vibe. 

In this 3 day free challenge I'm going to - your hand in mine - walk you through planning your brand photoshoot just as I have with all my clients that took them from wasting time not knowing what they were going to post next, to showing up consistently and becoming a sought after authority in their field. (confidently)

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