Your step by step DIY Personal Brand Photography course for planning & capturing your own on-brand images that reflect your true essence as a business - more than just a pretty picture with your laptop. 
Removing the guess work with educational videos, slides & done for you pieces to save you time & money.
A Brand Photographer in your back pocket kind of course. 

What if I walked you through - hand in hand - how to plan & execute your next brand shoot?

The step by step process I go through with each of my clients that has helped them... 


  • Take their business from side hustle to main source of income.

  • Launch profitable courses, podcasts, e-books and more!

  • Blow up their Inboxes with messages from their ideal clients so they don't have to constantly be selling. 

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Who is this course for?

If you have a business, you have a brand and you need branding images. 


  • New entrepreneurs who are looking for a cost effective way to consistently create content for their business without the need to invest in a professional Photographer. 

  • Entrepreneurs who haven't found a professional personal brand photographer in their area who gets them and want to learn how to plan their own personal brand shoot so they can communicate their exact vision & goals to any photographer.

  • Entrepreneurs who want to show up more confidently in front of the camera and love the results from their next branding shoot. 

By signing up to this waitlist you will have exclusive First access to the course at an offer that will not be offered public facing or to any other audience. 

Have you been here before?

X Struggled to define the objective for your Brand Photos. 

X Confused on how to incorporate your brand colors without being too “match-y match-y”.

X Looked at your photos and felt fake like you didn’t capture your true essence or authentic self. 

X Frustrated because you struggle to come up with new and original ideas yourself.

X Got awkward in front of the camera because you didn’t know how to pose & the photographer didn't direct you.

X Disappointed because you didn't like the photos from your last Brand Shoot. 

X Felt like there ren’t any Personal Brand Photographers in your area that get you.



You had a detailed, easy to follow blue print that you could apply to your next brand shoot and every brand shoot after that (with or without a pro photographer).


 A rinse and repeat system.

That took you fr


MODULE ONE: Overcoming Your Visibility Fears

  • Positioning yourself as a personal brand.

  • The features & benefits of Personal Brand Photography. 

  • My 3 S's to a successful Personal Branding Photoshoot. 

MODULE TWO: Crafting Your Visual Communication Plan

  • Defining your unique offering as a brand & appealing to your audience + (Brand Questionnaire).

  • Setting goals for your Images so that they market & sell for you + (Image Requirement Checklist).

  • Creating a Pinterest Board & Mood Board that serves you + (Access to - done for you - Pinterest Board). 

MODULE THREE: Becoming The Creative Director

  • Choosing the best location(s) for your shoot, that align with your brand identity.

  • Adding wow factor to your photos with wardrobe styling guide.

  • Adding life & personality to your images with props! props! props!

MODULE FOUR: Taking Your Own Brand Photos

  •  The only photography gear you need for high quality images.

  • Understanding your camera settings so you're in control.

  • Capturing photos of yourself!  + (done for you shot list). 


MODULE FIVE: Confidently Crushing Your Brand Shoot

  • Getting high quality images in any lighting situation.

  • Mastering the art of posing without looking too "posy".

  • Capturing your true essence & radiating in front of the camera.